Composing for Studio51 Music

Pleased to announce that I just signed as a composer for Studio51 Music, a broker agency for several music libraries, supplying music to Harpo Productions (Oprah’s company), and many other libraries which provide music for film, advertising, movie trailers, and television.  I’m very excited about these new opportunities.

Silent Film Score Performed at SIFF

I composed a piece for the silent art-film, Remnant, to be performed April 11, 2012 as part of a joint presenation between the Seattle International Film Festival, Moisture Festival, and the Seattle Composers Alliance. It’s part of an evening of entertainment, “The Sound of Silents with a Side of Schtick” and will feature new and archival short films with live accompaniment palyed by the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble.  Silent films will be alternated with vaudeville acts.